Prestige Customs is unique project responding to the latest urban fashion. We were inspired by the famous NIKE Air Force 1, which gets customized by the hottest designers in the game. So we took the best selling sneaker in Czech republic - Prestiges - and remixed them. Yes, we know, that only old, weird and nerd people wear them. But this is custom job. Shoes never seen before. And believe me, carolina/maize colorway I wear is looking lovely. People are gonna recognize difference between your and their grandpa's Prestiges... Prestige Customs are fashion-proof and head turning pieces, ideal for this and next summer! Browse our site, pick your style and let the party begin!



I couldn't believe my eyes when friend of mine handled me his new Prestiges. They have come up with slightly altered design! Shoe is wider, but what is the most important thing is the tongue!! It is looking normal!! No more huge tongues peeking out from under your pants! Friend wanted them to become Rasta Prestiges, so that's what I did....